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Ovine Image Analysis

Swine Image Analysis

Consumers in the 21st century are demanding a pork product that adheres to their health conscious lifestyle but still remains juicy, tender, and palatable. Swine with these characteristics can only be created through genetic selection for traits that affect carcass quality. Swine producers know that, to be consistently profitable, they have to produce what the customer wants while succeeding in an increasingly competitive industry. Designer Gene’s Swine Image Analysis (SIA) ultrasound technology is being used by top producers to do just that.

Swine Image Analysis software allows users to use a 12cm transducer to:

  • Obtain Longitudinal Images - Marbling
  • View Cross-Section Images - Loineye
  • Collect Automated Measurements
  • Manually Interpret Images
  • Produce Electronic Data Output

Designer Genes Technologies, Inc. Swine Image Analysis software allows for exact intramuscular fat measurements, Loineye area and Loineye depth. SIA was purchased by Smithfield Premium Genetics Group in March 2003 and is the only automated swine image analysis software on the market.




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