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Ovine Image Analysis

Poultry Image Analysis

Poultry Image Analysis software is a vision system that captures and displays ultrasound images of bird breasts using an analog capture board. PIA software is touch-screen enabled, scale interfaced and barcode interfaced. The software uses a proprietary algorithm that automatically measures the area, length and depth of each breast image captured. The touch screen anable software will also:

Automatically find Breast Area

    • Trace breast meat area image
    • Predict Breast Meat Weight
    • Predict Percentage of Breast Meat Yield
    • Measure Length/Depths
    • Calculate Breast Meat Yields
    • Automatically Calibrate/Normalize Images

Each bird is uniquely identified in a session by a character string ID. This ID may be entered via the keyboard or by a bar code reader. Additional information stored for each bird includes weight and sex.



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