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Image Livestock Services brings state of the art scanning services to you, whether on-site or at a centrally located image collection facility.

Our services have been developed with some of the most experienced operators and technicians in the animal husbandry and ultrasound industries. Image Livestock Services pledge is to provide the most cost-effective, comprehensive and highest quality scanning services available.

We scan Commercial Heifers and Feedlot Cattle. We can also provide our services at livestock shows.


Image Livestock Services combines industry leading Beef Image Analysis (BIA) software, the best scanning equipment available, standard-setting best practices and highly qualified and professional people together to produce top quality results for our clients. Using all of the elements above, Image livestock Services can provide scanning services for:

  • Weaned calves for genetic evaluation.
  • Commerical replacement heifers.
  • Purebred replacement heifers.
  • Grass fed beef programs.
  • Feedlot animals for optimum outcome dates.
  • Branded beef programs.
  • Commerical bull evaluation.
  • Livestock at County, District, State and National livestock shows.

    Whatever need you may have, Image Livestock Services can provide the scanning solution for you.




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