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Ovine Image Analysis

    Designer Genes carries the latest in portable scanning systems, peripherals and technology. Each  item is selected for image quality, compatability with our patented software and superior performance in the field. For information or purchase please contact us at sherry@designergenesusa.com.

Body Composition Transducers

Reproductive Transducers

PXC Frame Grabber Family

Equipment, Supplies and Peripherals

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Veterinary: Large Animal

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A High-Quality, Portable Veterinary Ultrasound System

The SSD-500V is a durable, portable convex sector/linear scanner that offers versatility, superb image quality and reliable performance in a compact design. This 22 lb system has Electronic dynamic focus and 256 shades of gray that produces high-quality images.

Software for both tendon compromise percentage and gestational age determination for many species is standard with the system.
Body Composition Transducers (Click image to enlarge)
Linear Transducer

Body composition in swine, loin eye area. Percent fat calculation.
Linear Transducer

Rib eye area. Percent fat calculation.
Reproductive Transducers (Click image to enlarge)
Linear Reproductive Tranducer

High frequency rectal transducer excellent for bovine ovarian follicular studies.
Linear Reproductive Tranducer

Rectal reproductive equine and bovine.
Convex transducer

External reproductive exams in sheep, goats. Mini horses.
More equipment, supplies and peripherals (Click image to enlarge)
  Computer System   Portable Ultrasound System Case
  Case   Case
  Dual Activation/
Freeze Switch
  BIA Contour Pad
  BIA Repoured Contour Pad   PIA Contour Pad
  SIA Contour Pad   BNC Cable
PXC Frame Grabber Family (Click image to enlarge)

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