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Procedures for Breeder Participation
  • Breeders should either receive barnsheets standardly or must request barnsheets from their respective breed association. If the breeders association does not print barnsheets then a ILIA CUIP barnsheet must be submitted. This would be the case for unregistered cattle. Barnsheets must be completely filled out by the breeder and returned to the ILIA CUIP LAB with the ultrasound images.
  • Select a ILIA CUIP certified technician to do the scanning. A list of certified technicians can be acquired from ILIA CUIP LAB or any participating breed association.
  • Breeders need to plan ahead to insure that scanning is done early enough if the information is to be included in a sale catalog. Processing time will require an average seven (7) working days. In some instances, it could take more than seven days if errors are found.
  • It is suggested that all animals be scanned in a squeeze chute and it is required that all animals have hair clipped to 1/2 inch or less in scanning area to ensure image quality and ease of scanning.

What the Breeder Receives

  • After interpretation, the measurements are forwarded to the appropriate breed association for processing. Ultrasound record processing follows the same format used for weight traits within performance programs. Breeders receive the ultrasound measurements (adjustments and contemporary group ratios) as a part of the program.
  • Ultrasound measures are adjusted to 365 days for yearling bulls. The current age end point adjustments for developing heifers is 390 days (approx. 13 mos. of age). The end point adjustments for feedlot steers and heifers is 420 days of age.
  • Ultrasound measures to be made on each animal include the following:
  • ¤ Rump fat thickness
    ¤ 12-13th rib fat thickness
    ¤ Ribeye area
    ¤ Percentage intramuscular fat (marbling)

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